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Cardo Systems Scala Rider PackTalk Suzuki DR-Z400

The Cardo Systems Scala Rider Packtalk is the a great accessory for touring, large group practices and multi-person rides. This is Cardo Systems follow-up to their last product, the G9. This new technology boasts a new, stronger Bluetooth system and DMC technology. The Cardo Systems Scala Rider Packtalk technology operates much like a message board, […]

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BikeMaster Handlebar Risers for your Suzuki DR-Z400

No two people are built exactly the same, that we can agree on. BikeMaster Handlebar Risers will help you fit your bike to your unique shape and height. The BikeMaster Handlebar Risers come in both black and polished silver, with three different sizes, multiple segments and range from 7/8″ to 1-1/8″. Whatever your preference, ripping […]

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Vision X LED Solstice Prime Pod Light – Suzuki DR-Z400 Custom Light Accessory

When making changes to your Suzuki DR-Z400, the overall goal is to increase touring, comfort and capability. Adding a custom light accessory will lift the restrictions to day touring, allowing you the freedom to explore whenever the mood strikes. The Solstice Prime POD uses 10 Watt LEDs and produces the most lumen output per square […]

Off-road and Cruiser Motorcycle Parts

We know our followers passion for motorcycles does not stop at dirt bikes. Many of you also ride street and cruiser bikes. If you’re looking for super high-quality sissy bars, highway bars, crash bars, fender tip kits, shift rods, dash panels, heat shields, chrome mufflers, windscreens, hand rails, luggage racks, floor boards, back rests, etc – you gotta check out and their line of Outlaw Chrome parts.

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New UTV Rack System, Rakatier!

A new UTV rack company, called Rakatier, has just started producing UTV racks out of Reno, Nevada.  We recently had a chance to take a look at their finished product first hand, and we were thoroughly impressed!  The UTV Rack that they produce has a higher build quality and more features than any other UTV […]

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DRZ400 Desert Riding Video

Here is a clip of a recent DRZ400 ride in the high desert of Reno, Nevada. A great ride and a great bike.

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DRZ400 Ride in Reno!

A DRZ400 Ride in Reno, NV