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Protect your DRZ400’s Battery Life with an Efficient Stator

Batteries can be one of the most expensive aspects of owning a dirt bike, if you don’t know what you’re doing. A high quality battery should last for 5-10 years before it loses its ability to hold a sufficient charge. All batteries use chemicals that inevitably degrade over time and as a result, hold less […]

Protect your DRZ400’s Upper Fork Tube

The upper fork tube can be one of the most vulnerable parts of your DRZ400. Your fork tubes are spring-loaded pistons that dampen the shock from short drops, road vibration, and uneven terrain. If a big rock gets kicked up and dents your upper fork tube, the deformed housing will prevent the spring from compressing. […]

Trim your DRZ400’s Weight by Using this Battery

If you’re trying to trim the weight of DRZ400, getting the right battery can shave up to 10 lbs off your total weight . Lead acid batteries are an outdated technology, they are cheap, heavy, and dangerous. The lead acid inside traditional stock batteries are dangerous and will not hold a charge for as long […]

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Soften Your DRZ400’s Rear Suspension

A stock DRZ400 is a great bike that can be used in a variety of terrains. It’s versatile enough to ride on pavement, sand, mud, super-cross, and whatever else you may come across while riding. While the versatility of a stock DRZ400 is great for a beginner, the stock rear suspension is too stiff to […]

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DEAL: Ideal OEM Replacement Chain

A chain failure is one of the worst failures that your DRZ400 can experience. As your chain gets older (more worn) it will become looser as the metal links gradually stretch. This lack of tension on your chain causes it to apply extra wear to the chain track and to your rear sprocket, in the […]

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Avoid Harsh Suspension on your DRZ400

Harsh suspension on your DRZ400 is usually a result of poor shock maintenance or from old shocks that should be replaced. Harsh suspension is usually caused by a lack of lubricant in your shock boots or from having worn out shocks. Shock maintenance is crucial for competitive riders, it’s recommended to check the inside of […]

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Give your DRZ400 More Power with this Power-Flo Radiator

At we like to showcase the after market parts that can increase the power and performance of your DRZ400. Today we are looking at the Fluidyne Power-Flo Radiator, an improved radiator for your DRZ400. The radiator has been engineered to squeeze every last horsepower out of your engine by providing enhanced cooling over the […]

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Easy to Install Rear Rack for DRZ400

To celebrate the new Mad Max movie, I decided to go bike camping out in the Nevada desert with only what I could load on the rear cargo rack of my DRZ400. As you would imagine, it was loaded down with a ridiculous amount of gear. Everything from a spare gas can to tools to […]

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DEAL: Lightweight DRZ400 Racing Mirrors

These lightweight mirrors by Bikemaster are a great, low-cost way to reduce the weight of you DRZ400. These oval mirrors are constructed with a lightweight polymer and are engineered for aerodynamic efficiency. I recently busted one of my mirrors and decided to try a set of these oval mirrors. The first thing I noticed about […]

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Reduce Your DRZ400’s Weight with this Battery!

Keeping your DRZ400 as light as possible is one of the best ways to increase performance. It’s simple physics, a smaller mass requires less thrust to achieve the same acceleration. Your DRZ400’s battery is often one of the heaviest components next to the engine. A great way to reduce weight is to choose a modern […]