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Solid DRZ400 Yuasa Maintenance-Free Replacement Battery

Batteries deteriorate over time. We’ve covered the best practices for battery maintenance, but that only postpones its inevitable death. Simply put, a battery’s chemistry deteriorates over time reducing it overall charge capacity, whether you’re talking about lead acid, nickel cadmium, or lithium ion/polymer. Sometimes it makes sense to get a great battery with all the […]

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Protect your DRZ400’s Battery Life with an Efficient Stator

Batteries can be one of the most expensive aspects of owning a dirt bike, if you don’t know what you’re doing. A high quality battery should last for 5-10 years before it loses its ability to hold a sufficient charge. All batteries use chemicals that inevitably degrade over time and as a result, hold less […]

Trim your DRZ400’s Weight by Using this Battery

If you’re trying to trim the weight of DRZ400, getting the right battery can shave up to 10 lbs off your total weight . Lead acid batteries are an outdated technology, they are cheap, heavy, and dangerous. The lead acid inside traditional stock batteries are dangerous and will not hold a charge for as long […]

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Reduce Your DRZ400’s Weight with this Battery!

Keeping your DRZ400 as light as possible is one of the best ways to increase performance. It’s simple physics, a smaller mass requires less thrust to achieve the same acceleration. Your DRZ400’s battery is often one of the heaviest components next to the engine. A great way to reduce weight is to choose a modern […]

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Best Practices for DRZ400 Battery Maintenance

Keeping your DRZ’s battery in good condition is easy if you follow a these best practices. A poorly maintained battery can leak acid which corrodes your battery’s leads. Without the proper attention, this corrosion will continue and ultimately kill your battery. Understanding how to care for your battery will keep you safer and extend the […]

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DEAL: Cheap DRZ400 Yuasa Maintenance Free Battery

Hearing the click of your battery failing to start is one of the worst sounds in the world, especially if you’re on a long ride. Do yourself a favor, choose a good compromise between value and reliability and never hear “the click” again. Buy Now – Yuasa Maintenance Free Battery Living up to its name, […]

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DEAL: Cheapest DRZ400 Battery

We just found The BikeMaster Maintentance Free Battery, the price is right and their performance well known. If you’re looking for a battery that won’t break your budget and you’ll won’t have to worry about, look no further. Learn more today. Buy BikeMaster Maintenance Free Battery   Comes with pre-measured acid tubes that easily empties […]

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DEAL: Lightweight DRZ400 Battery

Stop wasting gas and energy on old lead acid batteries, step into the future with the Ballistic EVO2 Battery. Benefits of using Lithium Ferrous batteries include less maintenance, reduced weight, and more. Buy Ballistic EVO2 Battery Weight is important; where it is located on your bike and how much, can have a huge effect on […]

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DEAL: DRZ400 Replacement Lithium Battery

Looking for a cheap DRZ400 mod to shave some pounds off of your DRZ400? Look no further than the DRZ400 Lithium Battery.

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DEAL: DRZ400 Lightweight Lithium Battery

Looking to shave some extra pounds off of your high-performance dirt bike? Look no further than the DRZ400 Lightweight Lithium Battery – Ballistic EVO2.