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How to: Replace Your DRZ400 Speedometer and Dashboard

Have a broken DRZ400 Speedometer? Or are you simply looking to replace the stock OEM DRZ400 speedometer? Here’s how to replace your DRZ400 speedometer and dashboard!

We get a lot of questions about aftermarket DRZ400 parts here at Recently we received an inquiry about replacing a cracked DRZ400 speedometer and replacing it.

Mike asked,

I’ve cracked the speedometer casing and the OEM is trying to sell me the entire computer for $900 Eeeek! Have you any used speedometers I can buy? Thanks in advance!

Yes Mike, we have and we thought we’d pass this information along to those people who have run into the same situation with either a broken DRZ400 speedometer or just looking to replace it with something more modern and robust

Trail Tech Speedometers

We really like the Trail Tech Speedometers, they are the best in aftermarket DRZ400 speedometer designs in our opinion. The DRZ400 Trail Tech Vapor  or DRZ400 Trail TechVector combined with the DRZ400 Trail Tech Indicator Dashboard is the best aftermarket replacement option on the market. We honestly haven’t found anything more affordable and better.

Not to mention that they are very easy to install, have high-end look, and are solidly built.

Buy them here:

Good luck!


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Hello, i have a 2008 drz 400. If you replace the speedometer, is the current mileage still present on the new one? Thanks.


No, but you can program the starting mileage on it. Honesty is the best policy!


Are these plug and play or do they require wiring?


Plug and play

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