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DRZ400 Ride in Reno!

A DRZ400 Ride in Reno, NV

This evening I went for a ride in the foothills of South Reno. I thought I’d share some the pictures I stopped to take along the way.

I’m 6’3″ 200lbs and I just recently adjusted the rear shock spring preload to about 1 inch from the bottom; this helped tremendously with the ride. A little more stiff but it felt good. I also adjusted the front fork compression to all the way tight with two clicks out. This seemed to make the front end a little more stiff.  The ride over sharp rocks was a little more harsh but I felt like the bike performed better for me.

It got dark fast and rode the 10 miles back home in the dark. I wouldn’t recommend amber goggle lenses when riding in the dark – they seem to have the opposite effect in the dark.  I have my headlight beam hitting the ground a little bit too close. It was great for going downhill but uphill I couldn’t see more that 20ft in front of me.

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Wild Mustang Horses in South Reno

Reno at Dusk from a top a mountain in South Reno, Damonte Ranch

DRZ400 in the Elements

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