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DR-Z400 Oil Change Guide

A great guide on how to change the oil on a DR-Z400. From what tools you need to oil capacity,this “how to” guide tells it all!

How to change the oil on your DR-Z400.

This is a guide on how to change the oil on the DRZ400. It is a bit more complicated than your average bike but it’s not rocket science! Follow the guide below to change the oil on your DRZ400.

1. Tools to use for the oil change

  • Oil catcher
  • 10mm Socket
  • 12mm Socket
  • 14mm Socket
  • Socket Extension
  • Ratchet
  • 2 Liters of oil
  • New oil filter

2. Unscrew the oil cap located at the top of the frame close to the handle bars. This is ablack plug that is hand tightend.  You can leave it in place but make sure you loosen it.

3. Now locate the Frame oil plug and place your oil pan underneath this bolt. Using a 12mm wrench or socket un screw the plug and be prepared for the flow of oil. This is the plug that is located on the front of the motorcycle frame.

4. Using a 14mm socket, undo the crankcase plug and once again be prepared for the oil to flow out. An extra step here is to balance the bike in the upright position to aid in the emptying of all the oil. This is the plug on the bottom of the motor, almost in the center or the crankcase.

5.  Locate the oil filter cover on the right side of the motor. Undo the three  top nuts, oil will begin to drain out.

6. Take the oil filter cover completly off. Be sure to take note of the large “O” ring from the mating surface, if it’s not there check the inside of the oil filter cover (don’t lose this).

7. Remove the old filter, and take note of the the small “O” ring at the back. You can leave it there or take it out and replace it when reassembling.

8. Take the new oil filter and make sure there are no tears or other imperfections. If you see what appear to be “cracks” inside the oil filter cavity, don’t worry,  they are just casting marks.

9. With the oil filter cavity clean of old oil,  replace the small “O” ring, then replace the new oil filter.

10. Take the large “O” ring and replace it to the underside of the Oil filter cover.

11. Replace the oil filter cover. Be sure that the arrow stamped on its surface is pointing upwards.

12. Refit the frame oil plug and use a new crush washer if old one is damaged. Tightened to 13 Ft Lbs.

13. Refit the crankcase oil plug. Use a new, or undamaged crush washer. The stock oem washer is a one time use item (so they say).When installed it deforms to seal the plug. If reused, a few times, or over tightened,  it can form a wedge and break a piece of the case. Reuse this washer at your own risk. Tighten to just 13 Ft Lbs. As an alternative to the OEM tubular crush washer, you can use flat aluminum sealing washers. Available from Honda 10mm PN 90545-300-000 and 12mm PN 94109-12000 sealing washers.

14. Refill your bike with oil. Use a clean funnel.

15. Place the funnel in the oil filler hole, and pour in 1.8L of oil.

16. Tighten up the oil filler cap and you are done! Happy riding!

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This guide could be a bit better.

Criticism without constructive input is worthless so here’s the why’s – augmenting/correction your omissions and incorrect info will do a service to your intended audience.

What’s an “oil filler plug”? – what’s diff. betw. “Frame oil plug” and crankcase? If the oil filter cover has “three top nuts” where are the bottom ones? You’re not recommending people replace the o-rings which they should do so why even tell someone to take the small one out if they’re going to put it right back in? :Huh-huh, shut up Beavis, get your mind out of the gutter:
How tight do you make the three “top nuts” on the oil filter cover? What are ft-lbs and what tool does one measure them with? How does one tell if a crush washer is damaged? Why do you indicate both crankcase and frame s/b tightened to same specs when they shouldn’t? Can one use any oil, like 4×4 truck oil, or those high-tech car-racing oils full of the best additives, or even Canola oil or Crisco?

This could be a quite helpful post once it’s more fully-cooked with the info those who’ve never changed their oil might need. Word.


That is some good feedback. Would you be willing to help create a better guide?


Thanks for such informative and helpful article DRZ Parts – DRZ Parts, DRZ400 Parts .


Nice thorough guide.

My bike takes 2 full quarts when I change with the filter.


Well I found it great and I know nothing about motors . So thank you awesome


Where do you get a replacement front oil drain bolt and washer?

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